10 of the Best Gifts for Home

“Your home should rise up to greet you”. Those are the often quoted words of Oprah Winfrey. What does that really mean? That means that the things that you choose to have in your space should not just serve a purpose but lift you higher. They should make you feel good. When you think about it, that makes sense right? I mean besides work (if you work outside of the home), most of our time is spent at home. So it makes sense that you should fill it with things you enjoy.

During the holidays, it’s easy to forget that our home needs some love too. And even if your home is already filled with things that you love, there is always an opportunity to bless someone else with a housewarming gift. Or maybe you were invited to a Christmas or Holiday party this year and what will you bring? Don’t even think about going empty-handed.  I’ve got the scoop and put together a home gift list that even Oprah would love.

best gifts for home1.Cheese Board Set 2.Happy Hour Glitter Coasters 3.Ninja Auto IQ 4. Wolf Gourmet 4-Slice Toaster 5. Goji Large Embossed Candle 6. Home State Stem Glasses 7. Shark Vacuum Cleaner 8. Kitchen Aid Pro Cast Iron 9. Tracy Porter Cake Stand 10. Christmas Tidbit Reindeer Bowl

Cheese Board Set

concavo cheese board set

Cheese and entertaining enthusiasts will rejoice over the details in this cheese board. The curved bamboo cheese board has a perfect little cutout for the accompanying utensils and keep things all in one place. At my house, it seems like parts of a set always go missing so what a wonderful idea to keep things all together.

Happy Hour Glitter Coasters

happy hour glitter coasters

Here’s what enamors me about these coasters…they are sparkly. Period. I don’t need another reason. And you won’t need another reason to put them on your gift or wish list. By the way, I don’t ever think that I can have enough coasters because someone is always resting a drink where it shouldn’t be.

Ninja Auto IQ

I got a preview of this blender and I like the fact that the Ninja Auto IQ takes the guesswork out of blending. The machine also comes with cups as well as sip and seal lids. Moms “on the go” are always running around with a drink in a cup so, this feature really comes in handy. Or, maybe I’m the one that’s always running around with my drink in a cup.

Wolf Gourmet Toaster

This toaster is truly top of the line. Yes, all it does is toast bread but, it does it so wonderfully. The modern design fits in well in any modern kitchen. Here’s what it looks like in mine.

wolf 4 slot toaster

Goji Large Embossed Candle

Japonica- Goji Tarocco Orange' Large Candle

Who doesn’t love a nice smelling home? This Goji Torocco Orange candle gets extra points because it’s not only beautiful but burn time is 100 hours. Yay to candle burning bubble baths and mommy “time outs”.

Home State Wine Stem Glasses

Home State Stemless Glasses

Any thing that offers this type of personalization is sure to make someone happy. Can you imagine the conversations about your wine stemware at your next party? This would make a great gift too!

Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Clean up before entertaining will so much easy with this light weight Shark Rocket Powerhead vacuum. The adjustable handle makes it easy for kids to jump in on the cleaning fun too! My five year old has even used it to help vacuum.