3 Breathtaking Beaches to Check Out on St. Croix

Awe… St. Croix Virgin Islands. It had been a while but I’m glad that we finally make it back. While in St. Croix we had our fair share of food, culture and island sun. Of course what is an island vacation without some time on the beach? Here are three breathtaking beaches to check out in St. Croix.

Mermaid Beach

mermaid beach buccaneer resort

Mermaid beach is one of the beaches at Buccaneer resort. By the way if you ever have a chance to stay at the resort, opt for one of the ocean view rooms. Those views are amazing. At Mermaid beach, you can take part in water sports like paddle boarding and snorkling. There is even basketball, volleyball and ping pong near by.

mermaid beach 2

Most importantly the water is just so calm and serene.

Chenay Beach

Chenay beach 900x600

Get out to Chenay Beach in August or September and you will truly feel like you are on a private beach…although there are no private beaches in the Virgin Islands. But during the slow tourism season, it can feel that way.

Chenay Beach St. Croix

I didn’t have to fight anyone for beach chairs or anything. There’s even a nearby restaurant literally a few steps away. It just doesn’t get any more convenient than that.

chenay beach

Turtle Beach, Buck Island

buck island 900x600

OK, this one is not exactly on St. Croix. But, just 1.375 m², Buck Island (just less than 2 miles off of St. Croix) is an absolute gem. Sorry folks, you won’t be able to catch a cab to this beach. You get to Buck Island by booking a private charter on a licensed powerboat or sail. If a nice friend will take you out on their boat…that’s even better.

Growing up in the Virgin Islands, makes it extremely difficult to impress me when it comes to beaches. But boy oh boy…I really don’t understand how I missed all of this! Now I understand why Turtle Beach was once voted as one of the best beaches by National Geographic.

buck island with dog

Thanks to our friends for the sail and for letting Rain Drop feel like she had a dog for a day. She sure did get attached to that cutie.

Don’t worry if you don’t get to head over to Buck Island soon. Thankfully, the island is protected by the National Park. That alone makes it worth a visit and a prime candidate for some breathtaking beach fun.

last beach day summer 15 900x600

Ahh…island living. Well, at least it was for a time.

floating at buck island 900x600


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