UHeart Organizing: A Handy Craft Station

Pegboard is here to rescue another crafting fanatic! I must say, it must be about the most functional type of storage in existence. The lovely Courtney from A Thoughtful Place Blog, always has a knack for making her projects look simple yet elegant. Who knew pegboard could be associated with elegance? But my girl did it again! She has created the perfect spot to work on projects for around her home, and now she won’t ever lose her favorite “go-to” supplies again.

So I have a confession to make. I have been in an organizational slump for quite some time. Can any of you relate? I swoon over other people’s spaces as of late, but have had trouble getting motivated to create changes in own home. While we have many procedures in place around our home that do keep us relatively organized, it is my own craft supplies and project necessities that I continue to trip over or lose. I finally took some action and with very little effort refreshed my garage craft station.

So here is the deal. I know not everyone has a little spot in their garage for crafting. Truth be told, there is no real crafting space in my home {every project takes place on my dining room table} but my craft supplies seem to be multiplying. Funny how that happens, right?! A couple of years ago we installed some cabinets in the garage. This was after I took over a rolling cart elsewhere in the garage. My husband uses the tall cabinet for tools and the shorter cabinets are for my supplies. But there are so many “go-to” items that I go to grab all the time. I needed an organized spot for them. This easy pegboard solution provides just that.

I went to my local big box store and grabbed everything I needed to put this on the wall. In total, I only spent about $36. So worth it to have these supplies so handy. And it means I have a clear work space for putting together my projects.

They sell the pegboard already in white so I was able to give them the dimensions and they made the cuts for me. I love that. We also picked up wood to use as supports to mount to the wall. I also grabbed a set of three bins and racks to hang supplies from. And no project is complete without my trusted gold spray paint.

These were a breeze to spray and dried very quickly. While I sprayed these, my husband worked on mounting the pegboard for me. Just don’t forget to clean your items before you spray them to eliminate any dust or dirt which can create a poor final product.

We were lucky enough to hit a stud with the support on the right. We mounted three pieces of wood to the wall and then drilled the pegboard directly into those. That was enough to secure it and keep it steady.

Pretty craft supplies hanging on this white board make me giddy. I am almost afraid to admit that.

These scissors are actually quite special to me. They were my moms and I love having them. They remind me of all of the sewing projects she created while we were growing up. I gave the handles a quick spray of gold paint. I think she’ll like the update. And now I can’t misplace them!

My husband is thrilled that I have these key items in a known spot now. I can’t tell you how many times I have lost that large paint brush {I use it with the vintage décor paint}. The hanging buckets also disguise the outlet. We used a jigsaw to cut out a hole so that we can still use it.

So now I can easily remove the bucket and plug in a glue gun or lamp if I am working without natural light.

Crafting tip: Stock up on those sponge brushes. They are very inexpensive and clean so well. I use them almost every time I use craft paint. I created the Greek Key trim on the work surface with black electrical tape.

This sweet little jar was a salsa jar from Trader Joe’s. With a bit of gold spray paint it’s a nice spot for my markers. I always keep a journal nearby when I do projects so I can write down measurements or ideas.

Here is one last look. And thank you to my sweet friend, Krystine, for the darling “Hey Y’all!” print. It brings a smile to my face when I work in here. And side note. . . the TV is in our garage because we often entertain and the boys migrate out there to watch sports while they play ping pong. It’s the hardest working garage around {if only we had a basement!}. Hoping this newly refreshed space will keep me crating without losing my favorite pair of scissors every five minutes. You can see the other part of our garage organization here.


“Do you believe in love at first sight? I sure do because when I first stumbled upon I Heart Organizing I immediately fell in love with Jen’s mad organizational skills. I think we all long for a calm, organized, well styled life. I am the author of A Thoughtful Place blog where I dish on all things related to decorating, organizing, entertaining, and of course DIY-ing! To be quite honest, working on making my house a home is my happy place. It fulfills my need to be creative and I love sharing ideas {both big and small} with my readers. Along with my blog, I am a contributing writer to House of Fifty and have recently started my own decorating firm, Casey Grace Design, LLC, with my talented sister. I call Orange County, California home where I live with amazing husband and two children. At the end of a busy day, I love to enjoy an ice cold beer on the front porch with my hubby while we watch our children ride their bikes or run around. Life is sweet and I am thrilled to be a part of the IHeart Organizing Team.”


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